Highlights of the current FZF curriculum are as follows: 




  • Tiny Talk: Children who have completed the first or the second year of primary school will do this course which includes five levels.
  • Get Ready: Children who have completed the third or fourth grade of primary school and have no English background are placed in this course consisting of 2 levels.
  • Bravo: This is a four level course for those who have done two levels of "Get ready!",five levels of “Tiny Talk" or anyone who has completed the fifth grade of the primary school with no knowledge of English and wants to start an English course. As well as these, middle school students with some basic background are placed in different levels of this course.
  • Cutting Edge: Cutting Edge consists of four books (basic/elementary/pre-intermediate/intermediate) for adults with some knowledge of English. People are placed in the right level through a placement test. Also, people who have done “Bravo "level  can make it to this course. Book one is divided into 3 levels and books 2, 3, and 4 are each divided into 4 levels.
  • Summit: Summit is a 7-level course consisting of an upper intermediate and an advanced book. The 7th level covers two units of the Summit book and is followed by a TTC (Teachers Training Course) program, enabling students to sum up their English skills and also learn the necessary skills to pursue a career in English teaching.
  • Proficiency courses (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.)
    Those who need to have proficiency qualifications can take TOEFL or IELTS courses provided by school.
  • Placement:
    All newcomers who have some English knowledge will have to sit through a placement test followed by an interview, which is held on several occasions before each term begins.